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Warehouse Management


Managing your inventory is a balancing act between satisfying your customers’ expectations while minimizing your costs. Control is key.

TPS recognizes that a smooth running supply chain begins with the accurate receipt and secure storage of products and materials. The warehousing process includes the physical handling of all inventory; verification against the shipping manifest; prompt shelving in the appropriate storage area; and adjusting of inventory records in the electronic systems. Protecting and managing your assets is essential to the long-term success of your business. Timely receipt and storage of raw materials and sales items. TPS' expertise is pivotal to ensure a control the process of warehouse & distribution activities.


Returned business benefits are:

• Enhanced Inventory Handling and Security

• Serial number tracking

• Inventory Tracking and conducting periodic physical check

• Improved Supplier Relations

• Enhanced Security and Safety of the Warehouse


Setup Accounting Department


Accounting setup is an essential for business. Every business needs proper accounting planning, well-functioning and perfect monitoring. TPS helps you in your accounting setup. With years of experience in accounting field we can easily manage small to large company accounting demands with high level of accuracy.

TPS believe in understanding of all your accounting need and developing customize solution which best suit your business. We know that every business have different requirements, let us just know your any type of accounting requirements and experience our high quality services.


Accounting system Setup: There are many considerations when setting up your accounting system. We want your accounting system to be helpful to you and provide you the information that is necessary for you to make informed decisions. Accounting system setup, will include, but is not limited to:

* Installation of software set up entire accounting package including payroll, accounts receivable, inventory, accounts payable, etc.

* Determination of your Software starting date

* Loading your chart of account and balances

* Preparation of items list for sale to customers. The list includes services, inventory parts, and non-inventory parts.

* Entering of outstanding accounts receivable and accounts payable details.

* Preparing and upload details list of customers & suppliers.


Charts of Accounts: to insure the efficiency and effective reporting system, we are taking many steps to set up a chart of accounts as following:

1- A thorough business analysis will be conducted before setting up chart of account,

2- We are taking in consideration the future plan

3- Management concern for the business outcome,

 We understand the correct setup of chart of accounts save a lot of time later on.


Balance Sheet Creation: A business balance sheet is one of the critical financial statements of every company. While the income statement displays how successful the company is at making a profit, the balance sheet shows the real value and stability of a company.

   Our team has a complete procedure to value your assets and liabilities accurately, and verify assets and liabilities to ensure they are categorized correctly.


Payroll and expenses tracking: Payroll Processing and controlling can be complicated and stressful, especially as it needs to be prepared accurately and on time.

If you'd like us to take the stress and complication out of your Payroll Processing and maintain your accounting records, please contact us to discuss what we can do for you.


TPS help clients identify new markets or clients, identify gaps in their business, training and mentoring.







These services are offered to ensure that a company has good internal controls in their accounting function. An internal audit may be carried out to determine this. Risk management services also are offered on a consultancy basis.




TPS recognizes that companies require quality, cost effective and efficiently managed consulting services to fill a wide variety of accounting and finance needs. Our professionals possess a deep understanding of accounting and finance issues and activities allowing us to deliver superior, value-added services.









At TPS, we have highly trained and experienced accountants that are available to assist your business with internal or external audit reviews, payroll, compilations and all your bookkeeping services. We are able to provide services for all levels of businesses, from startups to mature corporations, also TPS works with clients to develop and deliver practical solutions that can enhance an organization's financial capabilities.

To learn more about how you can leverage TPS's broad industry experience and deep understanding of cost management, business planning and performance management contact us for a free consultation.



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